Annual Fundraiser and Awards Banquet

February 25, 2017, another hugely successful fundraiser and awards ceremony!

Since 2010 we have been holding a fundraiser banquet in late February. This fundraiser has had phenomenal success and support from the community and is the main reason that we have the ability to contribute in such a big way to conservation projects in our backyard.  The banquet also incorporates an awards ceremony that recognizes members for their personal trophies and celebrates youth achievements in fishing, hunting and conservation.  This year the fundraiser was once again a huge success, raising over $20,000 to help with local conservation projects!

Thank you to everyone who contributed both time and money...the support is greatly appreciated!!
Awards and Achievments

Elk Migration Study

So far, to date, we have corral trapped 10 cows at 3 different locations and are currently starting at a 4th location, with Dave Beranek co-ordinating these efforts.  Helicopter net gunning should commence late February and by the end of March we hope to have all 40 collars deployed.

A big thanks to all the people and companies that have donated both time and money towards this project and continue to do so as it goes on!!

Collaring and studying elk migration in the valley

Residents of the Elk Valley have suggested that elk migratory patterns have changed in recent years, such that elk are no longer in some areas where they were once plentiful.  Several hypotheses have been suggested for the changes in elk migratory behaviour, including winter range enhancement, increased access to agricultural products such as hay, and predator avoidance.

In discussion with Tara Szkorupa, regional biologist, it was suggested that perhaps the club could fund a study design, which would be used to solidify additional funding for a full elk study.  Kim Poole was hired to put together the study design, and with that we were successful in obtaining funding from Upper Kootenay Ecosystem Enhancement Plan(UKEEP).  The project also received additional funding from SDFW, Fernie Rod and Gun Club, Teck, Jameson, and Canaus which allowed the deployment of additional collars.  FLNRO has provided alot of in kind support as well, and continues to do so.

Long term objectives o this project are to identify migratory patterns of elk in the Elk Valley, to compare these data with previous studies(Natal Ridge study), and to contrast survival estimates between migratory and non-migratory elk.  The objectives for year 1 of this 3 year study are to:

1. Capture, radio collar, and sample 40 adult cow elk;
2. Monitor movements and survival;
3. Identify causes of cow mortality; and
4. Conduct spring composition surveys(carry-over counts).
Annual Outdoor 3D Archery Shoot
Every year since 2006 we have been hosting an outdoor 3D Archery Shoot.  This is held in the Grave Prairie area and is attended by hundreds of people who travel from all over BC, Alberta, and even attracts shooters from our neighbors to the south in USA.
This shoot is run solely by hard-working volunteers and is well supported by  community businesses who provide trophies, prizes and items for fundraising.  All fundraising proceeds go to support the Sparwood Fish and Wildlife Association who finance youth archery and the 3D shoot as well as continued conservation efforts. 

Some of the events that take place during the shoot include 3-15 shot 3D courses, kids shoot, poker shoot, and even a night time "Coon Shoot".  All events are famly oriented and we can even provide archery equipment for those that would like to try it out.

We provide area for parking, camping and have a concession to provide you with some nourishment to try and keep up with our volunteers.

Come on out and give it a try or just stop and visit with some great people.  This years event is scheduled for June 17th and 18th at the Sparwood Weigh Scales.  For more information please contact Vince Kropodra (250) 433-6533, Dennis Meadows (250) 425-5896, Jason Bursey (250) 910-0040, Lorne Cook (250) 425-7868.